You want to market your products more effectively and you want to improve your sales force. You want to attain a better understanding of your sales department. Operational support for sales activities both nationally and internationally will help to bring your business forward.


Together we round off your product range in order to achieve complete and unique solutions for your clients. We analyze your targeted customers, the ideal sales channels for your customers, their purchase experience as well as your customer contracts or the contracts and performance of your sales mediators and your distribution channels respectively. Together we evaluate how you are gathering data on markets and customers, and which information you should systematically collect in any form in the future. We also train your sales representatives and ensure the implementation of CRM systems with your IT and sales team.


Commercial agents in accordance with the European directive and §95 HGB, indirect sales with distributors, key account management in business-to-business and to chain stores or discounters, individual store management and franchising, direct distribution on multiple levels, licensing as sales delegates, internet distribution in many variants – we are well versed in all of these issues. We can also give advice regarding the reorganization of your distribution structure. In accordance with your merchants, we establish preliminary costs and also recalculate your contracts. Together we negotiate new contracts with your clients, if necessary. Upon your request, we also assume operational responsibilities in the sales department – including the implementation of measures to change the distribution structure, the identification and development of new distribution and trading partners, as well as visiting trade shows, mailings, and temporary key account management.


Our interim management mandates always include special tasks in the sales department: corporate finance mandates often require an assessment of the sales opportunities and potential for optimization. On the basis of strategy mandates, we perform sales tasks for our clients with a focus on business-to-business industries; additionally, public organizations from the tourism sector request our operative project management in the sales department.


  • CRO of a clinic with allocation management with a physicians’ network
  • As CFO of automotive TIER I and TIER II suppliers we conduct negotiations with clients about new and existing contracts with OEMs and TIER Is
  • As consultant or project manager of numerous coaching sessions from sales teams to operative distribution, e. g. for several public tourism organizations