You are a shareholder of a company; both external capital requirements and/or negative cash flow are concerns alongside numerous other minor and major issues. You want or need to increase your management force to be able to cope with time pressure and the many tasks, which have to be performed simultaneously.


Our management team has many years of top management experience in exceptional situations at their disposal. We have an interdisciplinary approach and usually assume tasks as a team: CFO/CRO/CSO, financing expertise, restructuring, strategy and sales from a single source. We have worked in a team with experts to attend to any special inquiries such as legal issues, taxes, operative measures, human resource management, and other specific questions. You can work with our experts only when needed or we can work in a team with other experts whom you as a client have chosen. Especially during the first weeks of our mandate, we work exceptionally fast to develop extensive measures in accordance with our client’s needs and to implement these central measures from day one.


Unrestricted commitment to our clients, the perpetual search for even better solutions, passion, and enthusiasm for success even in complicated or seemingly unresolvable situations characterize us as a team and individually. Our success is based on internal operational management, external strategy and sales competence, combined with negotiation skills with all relevant stakeholders while offering full transparency of our actions. With 100 years of experience in consulting and management in our team combined, we have seen a lot of situations and solved many issues. We stand by our commitment: In virtually all management mandates, our compensation is performance related.


Clients requesting management responsibilities from us represent nearly all shareholders of companies, who are looking for fast and accurate actions in very complicated situations. The timeframe of our mandates can stretch from approximately six to 18 months; in exceptional cases we can support you beyond this timeframe in a part-time model to ensure the successful implementation of our measures.


Gunter von Leoprechting (Interim management): Several years as CRO consultant of a medium-sized clinic, more than twelve and six months respectively as CFO of two major automotive TIER I foundries, CFO of two automotive exterior/interior TIER I plastic manufacturers including coating processes, CEO of a start-up company for approximately two years for consultations on ISO-9001 certification procedures, over six months as CRO of an IT consulting company, February - October 2017, CRO of a Global Player that manufactures conveyors and construction machines

Björn Kayser (Management): Board member of an US-based b2b strategic marketing consultancy. CEO of regional consultancies in Berlin and Shanghai

Anette Seidel (Implementation management): Marketing and sales service (for groups and individual guests) for the duration of several months up to one or two years for various public organizations in tourism

Petra Gabriel (Interim management): Commercial director of a small clinic for approximately one year