Insurances or states as payers – care providers such as medical professionals, pharmacies, laboratories, clinics, therapists, care services and nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics, and many more. Almost all of the aforementioned entities have diverse allocation mechanisms among each other – patients – insured parties – pharma companies and medical technology. A wide range of laws, special freelance legislation, and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the respective association of dentists with their own rules. These rules and laws are subject to change, while advances in medical technology and tight budgets meet at the intersection of an aging society. Linear business models are the exception, complex services and indirect performance relationships prevail. This may seem chaotic to outsiders. But understanding these intricacies is our forte.


In almost 100 projects since the year 2000, we have counselled medical laboratories, clinics, ambitious pharmacists and physicians, and others on challenging tasks. Management of integrated care, optimization of community health centers, restructuring and productivity increases of clinics, master plans on behalf of Eastern European or African countries for the optimization of medical laboratories or radiology departments, succession plans and sales of large medical practices. We’ve had the chance to create added value for almost all types of service providers in this sector. Business developers and health ministries appreciate our systematic and goal-oriented approach. Innovative medical technology companies and credit institutes count on our market knowledge in their distribution markets.

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