Duvets, pillows, mattresses, box spring beds, bed linens: The complete textile bed. An industry of merely EUR 2 billion in Europe, and yet it has continually evolved during the last 20 years of Europeanization with changes such as the rise of discounters and IKEA, defragmentation, and a shift in production locations to Eastern Europe and China, online-sales and marketshare losses of matrass assemblers. Combinations of goods, soft goods, mattresses and bedding or inexpensive convenience items, logistics concepts, purchasing advantages, automation and production costs per minute, exclusive components, flow management in procurement from Asia, currency hedging, shop-in-shops, private label versus branded products, online sales with new combination of value-added processes: We know the proper solutions. Prices are being calculated down to the cents and differentiation in the top niche does indeed make a difference.


Ten successful company sales since 2002 make us the leading consultants for manufacturers of duvets, pillows, and mattresses in German-speaking countries. Almost everyone is familiar with us – we know almost everyone. We have negotiated with the sector’s heavyweights and have sold companies to several of them. Some manufacturers and distributors count on us for our expertise in reorganization or market and supply analyses. Clients from Europe, the USA, and partners from China appreciate our invaluable market knowledge and our indisputable role: We exclusively work in favor of our current client.

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