Financial investors look for due diligence know-how with case-by-case industry expertise. Credit institutes recommend us as experts for restructuring and business reorganization with competences in IDW S 6 assessments and knowledge about standards of the German Federal Court for continuation forecasts. Personnel managers and skills development institutions count on us for our rhetorical and content-related competences concerning industry and risk management issues for companies and real estate. Start-up companies turn to us when looking for financing or for entrepreneurs to organize succession plans.


We were repeatedly invited to help clients in various industries and for several business models such as specialist and general publishers, building materials and machinery, wholesale, assembly, real estate, and metal or plastics processing. In other industries such as music, soft- and hardware, shipbuilding, refractory, green power trade, photovoltaics, water analysis, high-temperature superconductors, railway ties, office container construction, and many more, clients have trusted in our competence to become acquainted with new thematic fields quickly and intensively, and to generate significant added value quickly and efficiently. We can offer experience from over 200 advisory and management mandates in far more than 50 industries and business models.

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