Just in sequence production with digitally interlinked logistics systems, comprehensive customer audits and IATF 16949:2016, 8D-reports for ppm-rate-optimization, buying centers at the OEM with technology-logistics-purchasing-quality departments. Negotiations with cost analysts and risk management of the large OEMs, positioning as TIER I or TIER II suppliers – in the mass or premium segment – in small-scale, special, or large-scale production with a presence in all three if necessary – as co-developers or build-to-print producers – as sub- or main-system suppliers. Robust and modern technologies dominate the marketplace. Hardly any other industry has such high expectations of their partners to maintain excellent processes. This serves as motivation for us to continually deliver a top performance!


Comprehensive interim management mandates in Germany and in neighboring countries for powertrain and interior/exterior components – TIER I suppliers have established trust during challenging periods and in demanding situations with shareholders, workers’ councils, credit institutes, credit insurers, and with the large German OEMs. Whether refinancing, reorientation, or entering new markets: Our clients are looking for customer and purchasing market analyses, financial planning during crises, financing concepts, pre and post calculations, and process optimization in all areas. Moreover, in association with our partner wolk after sales experts, we are the leading market researchers for workshop equipment on this market in Europe.

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